Tags for items and models

How to manage tags for items and models

If you don't see this feature in your Trail, please contact support@trail.fi. Trail staff will enable them for your Trail environment.

Tags are useful for adding nicknames, alternative names, or other labels for items and models. This will make searching for the correct items a lot easier. 

Users with 'Editor' rights to items can add tags to items and models. 

Please keep in mind that it might take a little while before the tags are updated to the model or to the item.

1. Open the item card you would like to add tags to.

2. Click Edit button at the top right corner of the card

3. Add tags to an item or to a model in the item/model edit view (see section 'Tags' in the image below)

Adding tags to and item adds the tags to only this particular item. Adding tags to the model will add the same tags to all the items that belong to the same model as this item.

4. One tag can include multiple words. If you wish to add multiple tags, separate the tags with a comma or semicolon ( , or ; )

5. Click Save

View of tags on the item card

View of tags on the model page