LOLER Inspections

Trail allows you to conduct recurring LOLER inspections. Follow the instructions below for creating and conducting a LOLER inspection.

  1. Create a new maintenance plan (Open Maintenances - Maintenance Planning)
  2. Fill in the maintenance information
    • Name
    • Interval in days
    • Maintenance type: Select 'Compliance' and check the LOLER checkbox
    • Add Maintenance Steps according to the inspection
      • Steps can be either 'Pass/Fail' or 'Pass/NA/Fail' or 'Custom answer' (for adding data in free text)
    • Add a description if needed
  3. Click 'Continue'
  4. Select the models concerned from the list 
  5. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page
  6. The page of the recurring maintenance you just created will open. All the items in the selected models will now have a new recurring maintenance plan

How to conduct an inspection:

  1. Open one of the items that has been added to a LOLER maintenance plan. You will see the new maintenance in 'Scheduled maintenances' section
  2. Click 'Start' -> Trail will open the planned maintenance DISCLAIMER: LOLER maintenances cannot be deleted, so any inspection you conduct, will be stored in the system
  3. Inspect the item according to the steps you added to the system (see the image below)
  4. Click the grey 'Close' button when you are ready.
  5. Add the inspection information and click 'Close' (see the image below)

  6. You can export an inspection report from the closed maintenances page