Creating and adding new items to an investment

The users who have 'Editor' rights to investments can create and make Investments. The admin user can change the user rights in the 'Admin' menu.

Creating a new investment

1. Open 'Investments' tab from the top bar main menu

2. Click Create a new investment

3. Fill out the New investment form

  • Select the Department which is responsible for the investment
  • Name: Give a concise name for the investment
  • Number: Optional external reference number
  • Type: Either investment or maintenance. Investment is typically used for buying new equipment and maintenance for work and spare parts for existing equipment
  • Year: The year when the investment is planned to be done
  • Cost: Investment budget or total allowed cost
  • Description: Free text to describe any details you may wish to include

4. Click Create

5. The investment page opens

Here you can Edit and Delete the investment if needed (Edit investment and Delete Investment links on the top right corner)

6. Click Click here to add purchases.

This allows you to add new items on the investment (see below for adding 'Items to be renewed')

7. New Purchase form opens

8. Fill out the form and add items or create new items (Remember to click “Add Item” after choosing an item)

  • Investment: The investment from which the funds of the purchase will be taken from. The investment you created is added here by default.
  • User: The user responsible for the purchase
  • Department: The department, to which the new equipment will belong to
  • Subject: A concise summary of the purchase
  • Amount: The total currency amount of the purchase, will be deducted from the total amount of the investment
  • Items: 
    • All items: This field lists the items added to the investment plan.
    • Add items: Use the 'Search' field for searching for existing models you want to purchase. Click Create new item if you want to add a completely new model (which doesn't exist in your Trail) to this investment plan
  • Count: the number of items to be purchased, if nothing is input defaults to one item
  • Description: Free text to describe any details you may wish to include

9. Click “Create”

10. Creating a takes it to state "Planned" after which you can accept or reject it separately. To do so click on the name of the purchase to open it and click on the Accept or Reject button

Adding Items to renew

You can add existing items that you want to renew on an existing investment plan:

  • Open the item card of the item you want to renew (use quick search or open 'Items' tab and search for the item
    • You will see that the 'Investment' field is 'Automatic' by default.

  • Click the Edit link on the top right corner of the item card
  • Item edit page opens

  • Choose the correct investment plan in the 'Investment' drop-down menu
  • Click Save
  • The investment plan appears on the item card... 

...and the item appears on the investment plan as a renewable item