Category tells what the item is or what it is used for. The purpose of categories is to group similar models together. Please know that model can only belong to one category. We recommend keeping them general and rather too broad than too detailed to help maintain information later on.

Sometimes there might be a need to specify specific subcategories under one category. For this purpose, Trail allows a two-level category hierarchy based on a main category and subcategories.

In Trail, users who have Editor rights to Admin module, can create, edit and delete categories.

Creating a category

  1. Select Admin - Model categories
  2. Scroll through the list or use the free text search to see if the category already exists
  3. Click 'Create new category' located in the top right corner of the page.

  1. Fill in the general information fields
    1. Name: Category's name.
    2. Code: If there is a code for category. Will be shown in front of category.
    3. Parent: If category should be a subcategory for another. Select under which main/parent category it should belong to.
    4. Departments: When creating a new item or searching for items, Trail only suggests those categories that have been attached to selected department. This will help to keep the category list easily readable.
    5. Description: Extra information.
  2. Click: Create

Editing a category

  1. You can edit category in it's own view by clicking its' name or the Edit -button on the rigth side of the name.
  2. Click: Save to update the change

Delete category

Category can be deleted if there is no attachment to any model.

  1. Click the trash can icon on the right side of the name.
  2. If there is no trash can, go through all the models (including models without items and deleted models) and edit those to a new category to remove the connection.

Move a category to be a sub- or main category

  1. Click the grey box on the left-hand side of the category row and drag-drop the category below another category.
  2. The blue color behind will show the new placement
  3. You can also edit it from categorie's edit view, by updating the information in the Parent field.

To merge categories:

Be careful that category names are always written the same same (for example in same language or in singular or plurar. If the names have been written differently, there can be duplicates.

  1. Hold down the two paper icon and drag and drop the category over the correct category.

  1. Trail will ask are you sure you want to merge the two categories.
  2. Click OK to activate the change, or cancel if it was not correct.

Exporting the category list

  1. Click 'Export list to Excel' link located in the top right corner of the page.

2. This will automatically download an Excel sheet with the category information