Installing the ink ribbon and label roll inside a label printer


Trail uses the Toshiba B-SA4TM and Toshiba BA410T thermal printers to produce equipment labels, which can be read with a barcode scanner when checking equipment in or out. This article contains instructions for installing the ink ribbon and label roll for this type of printer.

Installing the ink ribbon:

1. Open both covers of the printer.

2. After opening the smaller cover, you will see two green holders for the ink ribbon. Lift both covers as wide as possible to make installing the ribbob easier.

3. Slide in the ribbon cores, noting that the bulk of the material with the unspent supply of ribbon should be placed at the back of the printer (from where it will be rolled out towards the front to the take up side as the material is spent). 

Insert the supply side ribbon roll through the inside of the printer, below the top cover assembly.

4. Place the emptier (supply side) part of the ribbon roll to the holder near the front of the printer. After it is on, please roll a little bit of the emptier roller. This way the ink label will tighten up and it won’t become wrinkled while printing.  

5. You can then close both covers.

Installing the label roll:

1. Click the ’Open’ -button at the front of the printer to open the cover.

2. Under the cover, you can see two holders. Open the first holder (on image number 1) by lifting it from the right side. After this remove the other holder from the back of the printer (on image number 2).

Please notice! Under the first holder (on image number 1), there is a small hole on a green base. Please make sure that the green pointer is pointing at the hole.

3. The label roll will be installed to the holder number 2. On the holder there are two sides. A black one and a green one. On green side, there is a small lid. Lift the lid open to be able to remove the green side of the holder. Place the label roll next to black side of the holder. After this place the green side back to the holder and close the lid.

Make sure that the green side is close enough to the label roll in a way that the label roll is not able to move sideways.

4.  Place the holder back to the printer.

5. Make sure that the ribbon is coming from the under of the roll to the front. Drag the ribbon to the front of the printer so 1-2 labels will come out from the printer. This will help you with the next steps.

7. Close the holder number one to be on top of the ribbon.

8. At the front of the holder number one, there are two green support fasteners that will help the ribbon from moving sideways. Slide them close to the ribbon.


9. After this you can close the cover

Start the printer

1. At the front of the printer, there is a On and Off button. Please click it to On and you are ready to stat printing labels again.