Recurring maintenance plans

Maintenance plan tab

Maintenance plans help to follow recurring maintenances. When creating a new maintenance plan, user is able to add steps on what needs to be looked at when maintaining the items. Users who have  Editor-rights for maintenances, can create and edit maintenance plans.

To create and see the current maintenance plans, open the Maintenance -module and choose Maintenance planning.

Next to every maintenance plan there can be seen the following function icons:

Delete maintenance plan

Add models for maintenance plan

Edit maintenance plan's information

Creating a new maintenance plan

1. Click New maintenance plan

2. Add basic information:

  • Name
  • Interval in days (How often should the maintenance be done. By using the item's purchase date and later on when the last maintenance has been closed, Trail counts on when the next maintenance should be started)
  • Maintenance type
    • Standard
    • Compliance
    • L.O.L.E.R.
  • Date suggestion ignores failed maintenances. Set this on if you want a failed maintenance to NOT refresh the timer for the next maintenance. 
  • Maintenance steps (You are able to add steps on what should be looked at when doing the maintenance) 
    • If you do not yet have maintenance steps enabled, please contact your Trail super user. The steps can be enabled from General settings. If needed, please contact Trail's support ( Trail's support will help to turn the setting on.
  • Set user groups that are notified on things within this plan and if you want a notification before the plans due date arrives.
  • Description

3. Click  Continue when you have added the basic information

4. Choose the models the maintenance concerns about and click Finish

Maintenance plan's page 

Open the maintenance plan by clicking its name from the Maintenance planning -page. On this page you are able to see its basic information, see what models and items it concerns and edit its information.

On this page you are able to do following actions

  • Edit its information 
    • To change its basic information, click Edit -button from the upper right corner
    • To add or change the concerned models, click Select models concerned from the right side of the page
  • Delete the maintenance plan. Click Delete from the upper right corner
  • Add attachments. Click Add attachments from the right side of the page