Maintenance plan (create or edit plans)

Maintenance plan tab

Maintenance plans can help to follow recurring maintenances. Users who have  Editor-rights for maintenances, can create and edit maintenance plans. Normally the calculation for the next maintenance is calculated from the date of when the last maintenance was closed.

To create and see the current maintenance plans, open Maintenance > Maintenance planning.

Next to every maintenance plan there can be seen the following function icons:

Creating a new maintenance plan

1. Open Maintenance > Maintenance planning

  1. Click New maintenance plan

3. Add basic information:

a. Name (Mandatory)

b. Schedule type

    • Interval in days > How often should the maintenance be re-performed to item.

    • One time > Maintenance will be done once, for example when taking item into usage. If needed, there is a possibility to perform maintenance again. To "Perform within" you can add after how many days should the first maintenance be performed and from which information should this be counted from.

c. Maintenance type

    • Standard > Maintenance can be edited also after closing it.
    • Compliance > You cannot delete compliance maintenances from item. You need to give a reason if you edit maintenance after it has been closed.
      • L.O.L.E.R. > A compliance maintenance for lifting equipment. Possibility included for Trail's users from Great Britain.

d. Consider only successful maintenances in date suggestions > If some step fails during the inspection, the next maintenance's calculation is not started after closing. The calculation is done only from the latest successful maintenance.

e. Maintenance steps

    • Possibility to add titles and steps on what should be looked at when doing the maintenance
    • Step options are Pass /Fail; N/A /Pass /Fail; and Custom answer
    • If you do not yet have maintenance steps enabled, please contact your Trail super user. The steps can be enabled from "General settings".

f. User groups to be notified > Users will receive email notifications for upcoming (notify on upcoming maintenances) and overdue maintenances

g. Notify on upcoming maintenances > How many days beforehand maintenance's due date should user receive email of the upcoming maintenance

Otherwise, notifications of upcoming and overdue maintenances will be sent to item's responsible user, as well as to the email addresses added to the location or department information (section: Email Notifications - Receives All).

h. Description > General information about the maintenance plan

4. Click  Continue 

5. Choose the models the maintenance concerns about and click Finish

Adding a maintenance plan for an individual item

You can add a maintenance plan separately for an individual item. This can be done via the item card:

  1. In the scheduled maintenance section you will see a link that says "Add maintenance plan to item"

  1. Click on the "Add maintenance plan to item" link to select the maintenance plan you want to add

  1. Select the maintenance plan and be sure to press the Add button. Now the maintenance plan has been added only for this particular item and is displayed under "Scheduled maintenance"

Maintenance plan's page 

1. Open Maintenance > Maintenance planning

  1. Click maintenance plan's name
  • Edit > Allows to edit maintenance plan's basic information.
  • Delete > Deletes the whole maintenance plan from the system. So be careful if pressing this.
  • Select models concerned > You can remove or add models to be included to the plan.
  • Items concerned > Lists all the items that are included to the plan.
    • Disable > For example if item is temporarily placed in storage and therefore does not need to be maintained for that period of time. From this same view, the maintenance plan can be reset back to the item.
    • Remove > Removes the maintenance plan from the item. Concerns only those items which have separately been added as part of the maintenance plan.