Creating connections between different organizations

Trail Sharing equipment sharing is based on a network established with trusted partners. This way, the equipment owner can be certain that the equipment marked for sharing is only available to trusted partners and not visible to everyone. If you send an invitation to a sharing partner who does not have Trail Equipment Management or the Trail Sharing add-on service, the sharing partner must activate these services before equipment sharing is possible.

Sending sharing invitations

Sending sharing invitations requires editor rights to the Administration menu

  1. Open the Admin menu, and navigate to the Sharing section

  1. Create a new request by clicking the Request to Share or Request to Reserve buttons in the upper right corner of the page

a. 'Request to Share' means that you are offering the sharing partner the opportunity to reserve your organization's equipment

b. 'Request to Reserve' means that you are requesting the opportunity to reserve the partner's equipment for your organization's use

  1. Enter the email address of your desired sharing partner, along with a message in the opened view, and press the 'Request' button
Offering your equipment for reservation to a sharing partner
Request to reserve the sharing partner's equipment
  1. An email notification about the sharing requests has been sent to the sharing partner and the Trail team
  2. The requests you sent will appear as active requests on the Sharing page

Accepting Sharing Invitations

The sharing partner must accept sharing requests before equipment sharing among partners is possible. Acceptance requires editor rights in the Administration menu

  1. Open the Administration menu's Sharing section
  2. In the Sharing Requests section, you will see a list of new sharing requests. Accept or reject active sharing requests

  1. Accepted requests will appear in the Existing Connections section

Video about creating and accepting sharing connections