Reserving shared equipment and accepting the reservation


In your Trail environment, users can make reservations for sharing partners' equipment when:

  • The sharing partner has allowed your organization to reserve their equipment
  • The sharing partner has marked their item units as shareable and reservable by their sharing partners

In Trail Sharing, users always reserve individual items. This is because ownership and location information for the items are essential for the practical implementation of the reservation

Reserving sharing partners' equipment

  1. Open the item list through the 'Items' tab
  2. Open 'Advanced Search'
  3. Select your desired sharing partners in the 'Sharing Organizations' section. You can choose one or more sharing partners

  1. Select the sharing partner's equipment sharing visibility setting ('Shared' or 'Shared and reservable') and click the Search button

  1. In the opened list, you can make specific searches to retrieve a list of the items you want
  2. Select the items you desire using the checkboxes and click the Add to Reservation link above the item list

  1. Choose either an existing reservation from the dropdown menu or click the Create New Reservation link
  2. Create a new reservation and provide descriptive and clear information for the reservation, then click the Save button

  1. Open the reservation listing through the Reservations tab
  2. Open the reservation you created in the reservation listing

  1. The reservation is in 'Draft' status. Click the Request button in the 'Accestances' section

  1. The reservation changes to the 'Requested' status, and notifications about the new reservation request are sent to the responsible persons of the organizations that own the reserved equipment

  1. The equipment owner must approve the reservation before you can read out the equipment for the reservation
  2. Once the owner approves the reservation, it changes to the 'Approved' status. Now, you can read out the equipment from your sharing partner

Accepting a reservation made by a sharing partner

  1. Open the Reservations tab
  2. Select the reservation made by the sharing partner that is still in the Requested status

  1. Accept or reject the reservation in the reservation view

a. If you reject the reservation, you can provide a reason for the rejection. Trail will send a notification to the requester about the rejection and the reason for it

  1. After you have accepted the reservation, it moves to the 'Accepted' status, and the requester can scan the equipment out for the reservation

Video about reserving shared equipment