Shared location

Organizations that utilize Trail Sharing functionality can create shared locations among their sharing partners. In a shared location, specifically defined user groups from the organizations with access to the shared location can:

  • Add equipment from sharing partners to the location, regardless of the equipment's owner.
  • Change the location of equipment marked for that location, regardless of the owner of the equipment.

In essence, a shared location enables the creation of shared spaces, such as shared warehouses, managed by one operator on behalf of sharing partners or selected users from multiple organizations that share the location.

Sub-locations within the shared location are also shared among the chosen sharing partners. This facilitates collaborative resource management and sharing among organizations.

Sharing location

  1. All organizations sharing the location should create a user group whose members have the right to manage equipment in the shared location (referred to as 'Location Managers').
  2. Each organization sharing the location adds the desired users to the user group they've created.
  3. Inform Trail ( with the following details:
  • The name of the location to be shared and the Trail environment in which the location exists.
  • Organizations that should have access to the shared location.
  • User groups from each sharing organization with access rights to the shared location (groups created in step 1).
  1. Trail will notify you when the location is shared among the specified partners, and access rights to the shared location have been granted to the designated user groups.
  2. The shared location will now appear in the location listing for sharing partners but without the ability to modify the location:
The sharing partner is missing the location editing icons from the shared location's row
  1. In the shared location details, users can see two new data fields:
    1. Organizations = a list of sharing partners with access to the location.
    2. Location Managers = a list of user groups whose members can view all the equipment added to the location and can move these items to sub-locations within the shared location.

Location managers' rights to item data

Location Manager = a user in a user group with access to the shared location.

  • Location managers can view all equipment attached to the shared location in their Trail environment's item list.
  • In the item list, the owning organization of the equipment and its location are displayed in separate columns.

  • Location managers can open the item cards of the items marked in the shared location and view the information
Location managers can edit only the location of sharing partner's items, not other details
  • Location managers have the right to view any equipment from sharing partners by, for example, scanning the item's identifier with the Trail mobile application.
  • Please note:
  • Location managers can only see basic information and not historical data.
  • Location managers cannot modify or delete items owned by sharing partners.
  • Location managers can change the location of shared items, whether in the web or mobile application, irrespective of the item's owner, for instance, by moving them to sub-locations within the shared location.
  • Location managers can link any item from a sharing partner to the shared location or its sub-locations using the web or mobile application.

Changing the location of shared equipment

See detailed instructions: Editing the item location

Video about shared location