Stock items

What is a stock model

A stock model is a model that is used multiple times. i.e., they return to their location after a reservation. A good example is an extension cord or an XLR cable. You probably don't want to track each individual cable, but are more interested in the total number of these items. 

Your organisation's admin user needs to enable stock models and consumable models from Admin - General settings - Models before they are available.

How to create a stock model

After they have been enabled:

  1. Navigate to the Items view.  
  2. Open Stock items tab
  3. Click the blue Create new model button

  4. Fill in the form otherwise normally, but make sure that stock type is set to stock.

  5. Set the Reservability to ON, if you want to be able to add these to reservations.

Changing the amount of items aka balance

For editing the balance you can use the following features:

  • Update Balance, for updating the balance
  • Add, for adding to the balance
  • Write-off, to subtract from the balance
  • Transfer, to move items from one location to another

This page balance is the overall amount of items that exist, and not the currently available amount. If you wish to see the availabilities of that stock model, you can go to the model reservations in reservations module.

When a stock model is no longer needed, you will have to empty all items from all locations in the model. When the model page has no items, the delete button appears in the top right alongside the edit model button.