Creating an item

There are two ways to create items on Trail. 

  • Importing multiple items at once on an import sheet
  • Adding individual items manually

You can get the import sheet with instructions by sending us an email to 

Adding an individual item

To add an item on Trail, go to Items -module, and the All Items -tab. From the up right corner select "Create a new item"

The view below will appear. If you are adding an item that already has an existing model on Trail, you can start typing the name of the model on the Model -field. You need to write at least three characters of the name. After selecting the model, the rest of the fields will appear. 

If the item you're adding on Trail doesn't have an existing model, you can choose the "type in the model information" and the view below will appear. In this case you need to start filling out first the model information, hence creating a new model. The following information is required: Department, Category, Type and Model. After selecting the type, you will get the rest of the fields to fill out. The fields depend on the chosen item type.

Note! The model -field will be the name of the model you are creating. Please ensure that the name you choose is in line with the other model names in your organization. 

Reservability and location

When adding a new item you can edit the reservability and location of the item

Reservability can either be either yes or no. This defines if the item can be reserved by a user. The situations in which you would choose "no" could be for example that the item is a fixed part of the location it is in. 

Location of an item can be either in another item or in a location that has already been added on your organization's Trail environment. To select locations from a list, by clicking the blue "select" link on the right. 
Please see the article " Combining items" for more detailed instructions on location to another item.