Reservation sets

Reservation sets

A reservation set is a group of items commonly used together, but which should not be tracked as a single model. For example, this can include a set of a microphone and a truss with lamps or a furniture set with a desk and chairs. The items in a set may be usable on their own or as part of the set and each item can have their own maintenance schedules.

Administrator needs to enable the setting "Reservation Sets" from Administration -> General -> Reservations (see General Settings)

Reservation sets can be created and edited by users who have 'Editor' rights to reservations.

Creating Reservation Sets

  1. Open tab 'Reservations'
  2. Click 'Reservation sets'
  3. Click on 'Create new reservation set' from the top right corner

   4. Give the reservation set a name. You can also add a description for it

   5. Add needed models and amounts in the dialog that appears

   3.  Click Done

Adding reservation sets to reservation

  1. Open reservation page
  2. Add reservation packages to the reservation under 'Reservation Sets