Cloning an item

If you need to add one or multiple identical items, the easiest way to do it, is by cloning an item. When you clone an item, Trail will create an identical item or items with the same information and attachments as the original item. The only exception is that the serial number will not be copied on to the cloned item, because it has to be unique on every item.
In order to clone an item, you need to have reader level rights to the Items -module. 

Cloning an item

First create a new item according to the article Creating an item, or if the item already exists, go straight to the item page of that item you wish to clone. Then select "Clone" at the top right corner of the item card. 

Fill in the desired amount of items you want to create and click "clone".

If you want to assign consecutive custom identifiers and/or serials for the cloned items, enter the initial value(s) in the fields "From custom identifier" and/or "From serial". For each cloned item the value is incremented by one. For example, you are cloning three items with the initial serial "S010", the cloning would result into three items with serials S010, S011, S012.

After clicking "Clone" a green notification should appear indicating that the cloning was successful. 

Your cloned items can now be found in Trail. Easiest way to find the items you just created is by going to the item list, and sorting the list by "Updated". This can be done by clicking the "Updated" column header twice.